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Brand Reputation Management

Marcom Marketing Services assists organizations in overcoming their challenges to enhancing brand reputation with a comprehensive range of products and services depending upon your needs and targets in order to reverse negative buzz and achieve a good reputation. We convert threats into opportunities and values for organizations by building, maintaining and recovering your brand.

Precisely measure brand’s reputation in order to predict how changes in brand’s reputation will impact the company’s stock price. We emphasize core values to build a positive image that would serve as a platform to maintain your brand's reputation.


1. Monitor and measure social media

2. Analysis brand and sentiment

3. Monitor influencer opinion and activity

4. Brand impact score

5. Brand Positioning


1. Reduce noise level

2. Identify target audience

3. Spot the current trends

4. Alerts on reputational risk

5. Communicates brand value

6. Provides guidelines & strategy


1. Transform threats into opportunities

2. Maximize your brand presence and reach.

3. Enables a strategic marketing plan

4. Stay ahead of the competition

5. Positive market outcomes

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