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Customer Campaign Management

Integrated Campaign Management Studio

Customer Campaign is an advanced Integrated Campaign Management Suite to manage campaigns though various channels and methods to reach customers. This builds relationship & trust. Customer Campaign Management allows marketers to define campaigns that run across multiple channels. Our Integrated system ensures campaigns and promotions all over and follows up on various responses with the help of our products including:

Test and measure the success of your campaigns and also get insights on how your emails are performing in real time with interactive analytics on campaign activity.


1. Template gallery

2. Spam testing and elimination

3. Feedback system

4. Campaign scheduler

5. Creative follow up

6. Analytics tool for decision making


1. Optimized deliverability

2. Trigger marketing

3. Opportunity to find new customers

4. Ensure 360 degree awareness

5. Brand & promotion leverage

6. Improves business process


1. Segment your database and target your audience

2. Track and analyze your results in real-time

3. Completely branded and truly unique

4. Engage with your audience

5. Alerts and notifications

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