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Direct Wave

Brand Reach Management

Direct wave creates brand awareness and helps you reach out to a large audience through multiple SMS, email, and social media campaigns. It has excellent feedback mechanisms to capture customer responses and feedback with which you can target valid prospects. Direct wave will optimize your campaigns and encourage your prospects to engage you.

Direct wave helps you turn a prospect into a customer and add value to business growth. Direct wave is built on a customer-centric basis that creates awareness through a campaign system to make all campaigns effective.


1. Analyze subscribers preference

2. Campaign calendaring

3. Campaign scheduler

4. Follow-up messages

5. Grouping of leads

6. Alerts & notification

7. Geographic segmentation


1. Opportunity to find new customers

2. Finds and gets connected with customer base

3. Preference management

4. Ensure 360 degree awareness

5. Brand & promotion leverage


1.Campaigns on Email, SMS & Social media

2. Reports for performance measure

3. Gives clear promotional strategy

4. Monitoring audience

5. Follow up and re- modifications

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