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Dossiers & Value Packs

Look at “big picture” factors that might influence a decision, a market, or a potential new business through Marcom’s lead dossier and value packs and close more deals. With Marcom’s lead dossiers and value packs maximizing your conversion rate, tracking your lead’s activities and closing sales like never before, Marcom builds a comprehensive, real-time profile for each and every potential lead that comes along to turn it into a sales opportunity.

Marcom’s value packs and opportunity briefs unveil all activities of a prospect; this helps you shape what you're doing, so that you work with change rather than against it.


1. Lead dossier and opportunity brief

2. Valuable guidance and insights for making decisions

3. Internal and external analysis

4. Business threats and weakness


1. Eliminates wastage

2. Maintains good quality

3. Generates innovative ideas and products

4. Creates awareness and attention


1. Converts tangible into intangibles

2. Weakest gets a chance of getting stronger

3. Ensures 360 degree awareness

4. Improves company image

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