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Events & Field Promotions

Marcom provides end-to-end promotional services to actively promote sales, which anchors a positive brand experience in the minds of customers.

Our on-field promotion experts will ensure that our service is most exclusively designed for events like Conference and Exhibition, Seminars/ Workshop, Product Launch, Corporate Dealers Meets Theme Functions and Award Functions which gives you best marketing and promotion results. Our expertise in organizing and managing various events helps us search and select the right vendors and resources for promotion services and increase brand awareness.


1. Mass media promotion

2. Promotion though multiple channels

3. Public relation management

4. Integrated solutions

5. Analyze and measure performance


1. Higher sales growth

2. Improved customer value

3. Creates word-of-mouth opportunities

4. Delivers unmatched results

5. Analyzes and measures performance


1. Trigger marketing

2. Improved reputation.

3. Ensure 360 degree awareness

4. Increase revenue

5. New business opportunities

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