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Friday 5PM

Performance Review & Enhancement Tool

Friday 5PM app allows individuals, teams & the organization to quickly review the outcome of the tasks assigned during the week. Friday 5PM app allows them to rate individual or project team performance so that the desired target can be achieved. Monitor the performance of your resources and maximize worker output using our project management mobile app that is suitable for your organizations.

Friday 5PM is a workforce productivity enhancement tool that in combination with Monday 9AM increases your workforce efficiency by 30-40%.


1. Ability to review the outcome of the projects for the week

2. Project Status Report

3. Rewards

4. Project review

5. Lead Dossier


7. Capable of being used on smartphones & tablets


1. Increases your workforce’s efficiency by 30 to 40% in combination with Monday 9AM

2. The status of projects can be easily tracked

3. Ability to analyze whether the goals have been reached & whether any course correction is needed in the future

4. Timely completion of projects


1. Allows individuals, teams & the organization to quickly review the progress for the week

2. Review & progress ensures job completion in a timely manner

3.Saves time, eliminates guesswork & uncertainty

4. Discussion forum helps employees to post queries

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