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Google Adwords

Be seen by a worldwide audience actively looking for products, services, information and websites, thus ensuring your presence and visibility with effective Google Adwords. With our advanced tools and products we have the capability to benchmark your advertisements against competitors in your industry.

Marcom helps you grow your business online by increasing the visibility of your websites, creating brand awareness and lead conversions through our360 degree approach. We at Marcom make sure that you choose the right keywords which works for your business.


1. Keyword research and optimization

2. Ad & conversion tracking

3. Communicate consistently across multiple mediums / devices

4. Provides scoring and ranking


1. Creation and expansion of ads

2. Creates compelling campaign

3. Cost effective

4. Completely integrated

5. Fully integrated and boosts sales


1. Improves your ROI

2. Optimization and expansion of ad groups.

3. Boosts sales

4. Targeted traffic

5. Creates word-of-mouth

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