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Group Learning

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Group Learning

Advance Learning & Talent Transformation

Group learning facilitates knowledge sharing & knowledge management. It provides iterative learning thereby improving knowledge retention. It allows learning at the user’s pace and allows effective feedback and review thereby improving learning outcomes. Group learning helps you to build life skills for the real world by various tools and techniques.

The East pioneered the creation of universities, patashalas, and gurukuls. The Western mode of learning involves self-assessment and learning by seeking information. Our processes focus on technical competency, behavioral competency, and business competency.


1. Chat windows

2. Online forums

3. Debates and FAQs

4. Collaborative Learning

5. Iterative Learning

6. Allows learning at the user’s pace


1. Helps in knowledge sharing

2. Reduces business efforts

3. Allows learning according to the individual’s preference

4. Certificates will be provided to all users who have done group learning


1. Gaining improved knowledge

2. Better skill sets for the real world.

3. Keep your sales force in line

4. Keep your sales force in line

5. Helps you to take online courses

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