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Lead Database Management

Boost your customer relationship and your sales productivity with lead database management. Lead database management helps you capture, nurture and convert leads.

Billion lead is a Global Lead Management system & Database Technology. It is developed for serving both B2B & B2C customers all over the world from anywhere at any time. It is a fast and inventive location-based technology that allows obtaining lead data from cloud and other social media and is adaptable to all business sectors. Convert your qualified leads into sales to take your business to the next level.


1. Lead Dossier

2. Pipeline Alerts

3. Daily Leads report

4. Opportunity Brief

5. Lead Directory and Qualification


1. Comprehensive report on prospects

2. Filter and target by demographic

3. Analyze your traffic and leads

4. Report on – campaign, workflow, traffic, email, etc.


1. Creates more prospects or sales leads

2. Increases transformation rate

3. Enhances the business performance

4. Receives campaign support

5. Drives strong decision making

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