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Marketing Collaterals

Well-positioned and well-designed marketing collaterals will help you stand out from your competitors. Exploit new markets and appeal to new consumer’s needs with Marcom’s effective marketing collaterals. Our capabilities in this domain include creating white papers, newsletters, brochures and flyers, catalogs and pricelists, corporate videos annual reports, press releases, case studies, infographics and animated images, logos, etc.

Marketing collaterals make you, your business, and your services more tangible and add value to your prospects.


1. Measure and track performance

2. Collateral impact analysis

3. Personalized collaterals

4. Manage marketing budgets

5. Built and branded with your look, your specific needs

6. Revise materials


1. Creates strong online presence

2. Adds value to your prospects

3. Creates brand identity and consistency

4. Compelling promotions

5. One-stop solutions for all collateral services


1. Create more business targets

2. Maintain company brand

3. Professional results – on every project

4. Stand ahead of competitors

5. Greater reach and communicates significance

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