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Marketing Workshop

Create a learning program tailored to your unique needs — one that best positions you for success. Marcom offers highly interactive workshops to deep dive into ways you can keep pace with the trends and opportunities for data-driven marketing.

More than two dozen workshops will examine today’s hottest marketing issues with the perfect blend of theory and application. Gain insights from visionary speakers as they share their experiences helping marketing organizations make the most of customer intelligence. You’ll come away with tips and strategies that you can put into practice immediately.


1. Core marketing knowledge and skills

2. Marketing tools and techniques

3. Flexible Timing

4. Analysis and review

5. Fundamental marketing principles


1. Gains insights

2. Relates specific area of responsibility

3. Consistently delivers best solutions

4. Develops a corporate strategic planning and marketing planning


1. Achieve long-term goals

2. Maximize business outputs

3. Respond to problems and opportunities

4. Ensure 360 degree awareness

5. Optimize overall profitability

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