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Pulse of Competitor

Sensing the Pulse of your Competitor.

Know more about your competitors to see where they are ahead of you and where you can score over them. In today’s competitive business scenario, it is important to not only know the pulse of your customers but also that of your competitors. Pulse of competitor is an innovative product that allows you to position your brand, product, or service much better. Understand customer sentiments and generate leads.

Pulse of competitor allows you to outsmart your competitors by showing what your competitors get right. Accelerate your business performance and by outmaneuver the competition.


1. Know your competitor’s strengths & weaknesses

2. Early indications from the competitors

3. Learn the trends that will influence your clients

4. Makes your product & services stand out


1. Enhances business performance

2. Ability to be able to hold your own against the competition

3. Position your brand, product, or service

4. Helps outmaneuver the competition


1. Allows you to position your brand, product, or service much better

2. Helps you to understand future needs to address them

3. Can show what your competitors have done right & what they haven’t

4. Cost and time effective

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