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Pulse of Customer

Pulse of Customer is a powerful customer engagement tool.

Pulse of customer is a leading innovative product suite with powerful customer engagement tools that can be leveraged by the business to identify the pulse of the customer, and also provides an insight into what the customer thinks about the product or brand.

Pulse of customer helps you to design and retain customer loyalty, forecast demand based on customer’s expectations, and to understand customer pulse, market pulse, watch brand, watch competitor, and provides integrated dashboard to aggregate content from both internal and external source systems.


1. Consolidated customer engagement

2. Listen to both internal and external data

3. Computes social sentiment across a wide range of human sentiments

4. Sophisticated semantics to compute call for action


1. Drives shopper-centric merchandising decisions

2. Increase loyalty enrollment

3. Increase sales & campaign ROI

4. Meet business goals

5. Businesses can build brand loyalty


1. Helps you manage your brand’s reach & reputation

2. Makes all your existing apps socially aware

3. Helps you mollify disgruntled customers

4. Give 360 degree view of the customer

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