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Sales Support Desk

Marcom’s sales support desk lets you gain a deeper understanding of the customers and the market, & helps you communicate and work with the internal support team to close better deals and make happier customers. We monitor your tasks, constantly follow up with leads, track leads, set deadlines and update with your progress and keep presenting options to them until you close the deal.

With Marcom’s Sales Support Desk, gain valuable insights to convert your potential leads into sales before your competitors with improved campaign response and greater ROI.


1. Track and review progress

2. Follow-ups

3. Respond to sales prospects

4. Seamless communication

5. Support inquiries


1. More precise picture of the product and its benefits

2. Stay up to date on deal progress

3. Consistently delivers best solutions

4. Close sales in a small timeframe


1. Create happier customers

2. Target buyers and build a sales pipeline

3. Ensure 360 degree awareness

4. Reach your sales goals

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