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Sales Training

Develop stable learning solutions that help change behaviors and enhance the effectiveness of your sales organization with Marcom. We offer a full suite of sales training programs intended to cover different stages of the sales process—prospecting, insight selling, negotiation, account development and sales management.

We identify best sales practices that drive rapid adoption and lasting results. Our training program includes sales assessment, customization and conversion to make sure it has the greatest impact on business growth.


1. Marketing principles and techniques

2. Sales cycle management

3. Telephonic or face-to-face trainings

4. Communication strategy

5. Building a sales pipeline


1. Capture new leads

2. Compelling campaign strategy

3. Consistently delivers best solutions

4. Connect with your customers

5. Effective solutions


1. Reach your sales goals

2. Increase sales conversions

3. Ensure 360 degree awareness

4. Discover customer needs

5. Qualify & convert leads to lifetime customers

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