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Shopper Sentiment

Improve Footfall | CSAT | Conversions

Shopper Sentiment helps understand which particular area is of interest or troublesome to the customer and helps enhance their experience accordingly. This tool analyzes the buyer and seller conversations and provides deep insights to improve engagement, footfall, conversions, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and attrition management. Monitoring customer feedback in a timely manner and engaging the customer improves not only services but also sales.

Shopper Sentiment provides you valuable insights into how to engage and acquire new customers and also engage existing customers to improve the portfolio of products and services.


1. Analyze shopper’s decision-making process

2. Find shopper’s specification

3. Analyze involvement of Shopper

4.Understand financial factor

5. Understand customer’s preference and feedback

6. Statistics and linguistics- based accurate sentiment analysis results


1. Guide to carry out effective promotions and campaigns

2. Delivers enhanced solutions to business problems

3. Elevates business performance

4. Gains business intelligence

5. Manage financial performance

6. Maintains a long-term success


1. Allow accurate business forecasting

2. Identifies unexpected barriers

3. Stimulates economic growth

4. Protect brand reputations

5. Provide insights that minimize decision- making risks

6. 360 degree view point of the customers

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