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Strategic Account Managing

Marcom’s Strategic Account Management service provides support and technical account managers with the skills and account management tools/technologies they need to proactively increase customer loyalty, generate new business and accelerate their confidence.

Our proven tools and products will accelerate building customer trust while effectively managing relationships, both within their accounts and within their own organization. You can convert plans into strategic proposals by measuring and maintaining your marketing programs at every point along the customer life cycle.


1. Proven strategic account managing

2. Customer-focused

3. Budgeting and forecasting

4. Maintain accounts and inventories

5. Monitor performance


1. Identify expansion opportunities

2. Ensure appropriate data mining

3. Expand and protect strategic accounts

4. Manage complex business relationships and drive consumer engagement


1. Achieve long-term goals

2. Maximize business outputs

3. Respond to problems and opportunities

4. Optimize overall profitability

5. Customer satisfaction

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