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Strategic Account Mining

We will walk you through a strategic account planning process that will prioritize project need. We will help with business initiative, technology decisions and project proposals and make your sales efforts more focused and productive.

We provide our customers with successful blueprints that expand their business road map. The strategic account mining will be responsible for developing business opportunities and provides strategic guidance, engagement/adaptation recommendations, risk identification and mitigation to drive customer adoption.


1. Proven strategic account planning

2. Opportunity management

3. Budgeting and forecasting

4. Maintain accounts and inventories

5. Analyze performance


1. Monitors your competitors

2. Systematically review accounts

3. Expand and protect strategic accounts

4. Strengthening your ability to create value for your accounts


1. Develop future market potential

2. Maximize business outputs.

3. Optimize overall profitability

4. Optimized business performance

5. Customer satisfaction

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